The Show Up + Shine Planner Story

My name is Joshua Harrell. I am an entrepreneur, marketer, and author. But, I have a confession. Sometimes there are so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I cannot function. It is easier for me to do nothing at all than to organize, prioritize, and plan out my next actions. 

It is a debilitating state of affairs.

I have used different productivity systems, such as David Allen's "Getting Things Done," which I love. I've also purchased a variety of different planners and journals to keep me on course. And, of course, I embraced technology like Apple's Reminders and 37 Signals' Basecamp. All of the tools and systems that I have employed have served their purpose, but I needed something more.

I needed a planner that had enough structure to keep me organized and productive, while still looking stylish because that matters too. I needed something that helped me win whatever I found myself doing, like writing a book, collaborating with my team, traveling to events—the list goes on.

It may sound silly, but it couldn't be a massive book adding to my load when I travel. It couldn't be a stiff book that didn't open all the way and lay flat on my desk. It couldn't be wire bound and scratch up my electronics when they rubbed into each other in my work bag.

So, I crafted the Show Up + Shine Planner with pages for documenting goals, projects, tasks, notes, and reminders for the year, the month, and the week all bound in a flexible, faux leather binding. It has three spine ribbons in persimmon, indigo, and plum, so you'll never lose your place. It's a sexy planner.

And, 'sexy' means it looks good, and it works. 

Try it for yourself and join The Show Up + Shine Society of entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, creatives, and students from all around the world.