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Show Up + Shine Planner

The 3-month planner for entrepreneurs, executives, leaders, creatives, students, and any combination of them all.

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  • Set Annual Goals + Map Out Projects

  • Design the Perfect Week

  • Craft Your Morning + Evening Rituals

  • Plan The Month Ahead

  • Plot Your Week

  • Seize The Day

Set Annual Goals + Map Out Projects

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Design the Perfect Week

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Craft Your Morning + Evening Rituals

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Plan The Month Ahead

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Plot Your Week

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Seize The Day

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Blog posts

  • The Power of a Positive Morning Routine

    Does your morning routine consist of staying in bed as late as possible while barely making it to work on time? Or worse, do you lie in bed having intense negotiations with yourself as to whether or not today is the day to call out for a duvet day?
  • Better Writing Means Better Advertising Copy

    You might be wondering how rules from nearly 70 years ago could be applicable today, but consider this: In the 1940s, life was far more straightforward than it is in 2020. People had far fewer distractions back then. Yet Orwell, and many of his contemporaries recognized the need for the written word to be as simple as possible to hold people's attention.
  • Finding Your Target Market: The Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

    Marketing means nothing if you don’t know who you are marketing to. The entire point of marketing is to get your product or service seen by those who need it—your targeted audience or more broadly explained as your target market.

    What is Your Target Market?